Mindfulness individual training English

This individual mindfulness course is available in English (8 sessions). Would you like to follow a mindfulness course in English? Then this training is entirely for you! You have your life nicely in order, but at the same time your full schedule costs you a lot of energy. You don't want to turn your whole life around, but want to deal with stress. What you want is peace, so that you can make choices that really suit you! This 8-week individual MBSR Mindfulness training in Amsterdam will help and support you.   


Book a mindfulness training in Amsterdam Rivierenbuurt or Amsterdam Center (Jacob van Lennepstraat). Training can be done individually or with a collegae or friend. Book a session or contact me for more information or advice. 


Mindfulness Training (MBSR) – English

In 1979 Jon Kabat-Zinn set the Mindfulness based Stress Reduction on the map. One definition of Mindfulness given by him is "Mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non judgmentally". And this is exactly what we will train during this training.


Mindfulness is proven to be effective in reducing the following symptoms:

  • work stress and burnout
  • negative thinking, ruminating
  • relapse to depression
  • chronic pain and the emotional effects of a serious disease
  • symptoms regarding anxiety and fear
  • physical symptoms which are stress and tension related 

During eight individual sessions, you will learn the techniques of mindfulness through some theory and different meditations. You will also exercise slow movements to connect body and mind and you will practice at home and reflect your learnings in guided explorations of experiences and insights. The training also consists of 45 minutes of daily home practice. So it's advisable to save about one hour per day. Don't worry if you can’t make it every day, but just like studying to play a new instrument, the more you practice, the more you will get out of it.


Each session includes:

  • guided meditations (sitting, walking, stretching);
  • practical mindfulness daily life exercises;
  • discussing and sharing practice experiences.
  • In addition to these exercises and theory , each session also offers room for deeper inquiry and sharing experiences.

Each session has a theme

Session 1: Living on automatic pilot

Session 2: Relating to obstacles and challenges

Session 3: Getting to know our boundaries

Session 4: The landscape of stress

Session 5: Responding to stress with awareness

Session 6: Mindful communication or: Thoughts are not facts

Session 7: Self care: how can I take better care of myself?

Session 8: Integrating what I have learned


8 week program

duration 1,5 hour (around 1,5 hour)

interim guidance if necessary

this includes reader information, inquiry, exercises, yoga and inspiration

Price: private: 739,- excl btw (895,- incl btw), for companies: 1495,- excl btw